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Dustin Beck

Dustin Beck, about 3 hours ago

We will be offering drivers ed this summer but it has to be done a little differently. The 30 classroom hours have to be done virtually. Because of this anyone taking the course will have to bale to access the internet for homework assignments and when we do things with zoom meetings. The driving will be done with 2 students in the car. The cost is $75 for Leflore students and $120 for any students from other districts. Leflore students get first access. Cost must be paid up front at the school before classes start. Anyone interested in the class or with questions need to email Mr Beck ASAP at Classes will start June 4.

Dustin Beck

Dustin Beck, 1 day ago

Just wanted to remind everyone we will be broadcasting our virtual end of the year academic awards tomorrow night at 7:00 by Facebook live.

Dustin Beck

Dustin Beck, 4 days ago

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Daphne Loyd

Daphne Loyd, 6 days ago

LeFlore Public Schools has set our date for graduation, June 27th at 2:00 pm in the new gym with limited seating. If any federal or state regulations come up requiring a change, an announcement will be made as soon as possible on our Facebook page or our website.

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